About Smith Rugs

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Wee Go Walk Abouts

A Child's Imagination is "Cleared for Takeoff"

Smith Rugs is actually a spin-off from another product that we created and sold years ago: The Wee Go Walk About line of children's toys.

The Wee Go Walk Abouts are child size airplane and space shuttle. The Runway Rug was created to provide a center of play for the children, where they can pretend taking off and landing on a real-looking runway.

But then the pilots actually started asking if they can get a Runway Rug for themselves, to put in their hangars, offices, and homes. But of course! That idea actually hadn't occurred to me, for some reason, because I was focused on the children's toys.

So then I found a much better, more durable, logo mat manufacturer, and created the various designs that are on the Runway Rugs page of this website.

Then the Scuba Rugs of course shortly followed...