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Here at JD's we take pride in our original custom tee shirt designs.

"You may be offended, you might find them fun.
Believe us, you aren't the only one!"

Wholesale is available for some designs. Call to get information on wholesale pricing.


Don't Delay My Day
Don't Delay My Day

This collection of shirt designs captures the urgency of outdoor enthusiasts to get out there and do something awesome.

We Are Not Alone
We Are Not Alone

How can we possibly be alone in our Milky Way Galaxy and the Universe? Or is it Multiverse??

I'll Do That Anytime
I'll Do That Anytime

These designs are also for the outdoor enthusiast. To be fair, there are designs for both the men and the ladies.

Hurricane Katrina Relief Fund
Hurricane Katrina Relief Fund

Here at JD's we believe in helping others out, philathropizing any chance we get. Especially when in the French Quarter of New Orleans!

Riding Trains RTD DART
Riding Trains

We also believe in helping to save the environment from global warming, by using public transportation whenever possible.

Lookin' Good
Lookin' Good!!

There are things in this world that are always "Lookin' Good!!"


Drinker's Discussions
Drinker's Discussions

The topics of discussion for drinkers hanging out and shooting the bull are very fascinating.

Custom Pet Designs
Custom Pet Designs

These are custom designs for fun images of your favorite pet.

Miscellaneous Designs
Miscellaneous Designs

Various miscellaneous designs that we have come up with...

Connoisseur or Conisewer?
Are you a Connoisseur?

A lot of people are true connoisseurs. A lot more people don't really care, so I call them (and myself) conisewers.


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